Must See: Howard Stern Cowers from the Unvaccinated

Must See: Howard Stern Cowers from the Unvaccinated
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The Jimmy Dore Show
– During a recent broadcast, “Shock Jock” Howard Stern went on an anti-unvaccinated rant, insisting that the unvaxxed are “morons” turning the United States into a third world country.

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Howard Stern is about as relevant as a rotary dial telephone.

Stern isn’t a rebel. He’s a narcissist.

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AJ nappi

Soon Stern will have a realty check from his decision to be vaxxed when his body is overwhelmed by the side effects growing in his body. Then he will be history.
With any real justice for all. 50% of the vaxxed should be mentally and physically disabled in a year and dead in 3 years. That will remove the voting problems. Canadians, Quebec, now want to fine the unvaxxed. Canada is never second to tyranny.