Must See: George Clooney Blames Trump for Biden’s Bad Poll Numbers…

Must See: George Clooney Blames Trump for Biden's Bad Poll Numbers...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – Democrat Clooney blames Trump for Biden’s “quite bad poll numbers.”

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I blame Clooney’s acting for his “quite bad movie reviews.”

So its Trumps fault. I’m not even a fan of Trump but this is stupid.

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He needs to stay out of politics and do what he does best,, Play House with these other actors and actresses,,


Another scumbag actor who thinks he knows best on the issues. Shut the hell up and stick to making your sh—- movies.


I USED to like George Clooney (not necessarily his movies) but I’ve lost all respect for him. If he can’t see the damage Biden is doing to this country with his own eyes and ears and is blaming Trump(?!), he has lost his ever loving mind!