Must See: DeSantis Exposes Biden for Blaming Inflation on Putin!!!

Must See: Florida Gov DeSantis, Biden is Trying to Blame Putin...
Image from video below...

Breitbart News
– The Biden administration is trying to blame Russian President Vladimir Putin for the country’s economic woes, but it is President Biden who is responsible for inflation and may plunge America into a recession, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) said on Thursday.

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If people that voted for Joe Biden happened to make it into the comments section, this message is for you. Congratulations! In your desire to stop the mean tweets, you have successfully tanked an incredible economy That would have only gotten better! Are you happy now? I hope you are very proud of yourselves…..

Fighting 8.5% inflation (more like 35%) with a 1% Fed funds interest rate is like stopping a forest fire with a bucket of water. Folks prepare accordingly. Make investment in other not to depend on the government for funds

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