Must See CRAZY Moments from Depp’s Trial…

Watch the CRAZY Moments from Johnny Depp's Trial...
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Ben Shapiro
– The Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial is only getting crazier. Shapiro reacts to some of the craziest moments.

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He wasn’t drunk, it was 1.30pm in the afternoon if you look at the clock, she filmed him the day after his mum passed away or either the day after his business meeting where he found out he’d lost $650 million, so of course he’s going to be in a mood, she kept chasing him and wouldn’t give him space, she set him up, why would she film him when he’s upset and not be a caring wife and try to calm him down instead of recording? Justice for Johnny Depp

The video is actually longer. Amber takes back the camera and leaves the room laughing, knowing she’d accomplished making him look bad on camera. The reason Johnny was drinking and upset that morning is that he had just found out he had lost 700 million dollars, as it was revealed that the people he had trusted with his finances had stolen from him as well as committed tax fraud in his name for years, his mother was also on her death bed. So, seeing this clip in its context, imagine how absolutely soulless and narcissistic one must be to set up their husband in that position… She’s making it about her, saying “nothing even happened this morning, why are you angry?” when she knew very well what had happened to him that morning. The supposed images and scenarios that she has amitted as evidence of him abusing her have all been debunked. I also want to preference, that Johnny Depp has struggled with drug abuse since age 13, however that has always been a personal struggle for him, it never affected anyone else than himself. There are many functioning drug addicts, who are good employees, good parents, and partners, and Johnny Depp is an example of this. His daughter has spoken up for him so have all his ex-partners.Show less

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