Must See: China’s Ruthless Display of Force in Taiwan…

Must See: China's Ruthless Display of Force in Taiwan...
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Sky News Australia – There is “no doubt” America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan has “emboldened” China, according to Sky News host Catherine McGregor. It comes amid escalating tensions between China and Taiwan, with Chinese aircrafts routinely flying into Taiwanese airspace. Ms McGregor said it has been a “ruthless” display of force by Beijing. “They sense that the west is in irreversible decline, that’s their narrative,” she said. Ms McGregor discussed the latest developments with Liberal Senator Jim Molan.SHOW LESS

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Support local businesses or products made in free and democratic countries only, let’s all do our part and show what hundreds of thousands of youtube viewers can do.

This just confirms how complacent the federal government has in regards to protecting our country. I hope.all politicians are proud of themselves.

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