Must See: Biden’s Secret Afghanistan Texts are Revealed…

Must See: Biden's Secret Afghanistan Texts are Revealed...
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BlazeTV – Joe Biden clearly embraces political appearance over principle. Even as he assured Americans that Afghanistan was prepared for the withdrawal of U.S. forces, new secrets reveal Biden’s prior knowledge of the Taliban’s gains in Afghanistan. And after preaching that he would “leave no American behind,” new encrypted texts reveal how he abandoned American citizens outside the airport gates. Now, Mark reveals the depths of the propaganda that the Biden administration has foisted on the American public. And the consequences for America’s global standing are catastrophic.

Top Comments:

The more we learn, the more we feel ashamed of our leadership then the more we feel angered at our leadership. This is how this oBiiden ‘builds back better’? UNACCEPTABLE! UNBELIEVABLE! IMPEACHABLE!

Kind of strange how John Kerry during the Trump Administration was flying overseas and having meetings with foreign leaders as a private citizen. I wonder what they were talking about?

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