Must See: Biden Dealt a Blow as FDA Rejects Pfizer Booster…

Must See: Biden Dealt a Blow as FDA Rejects Pfizer Booster...
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Sky News Australia – The US Food and Drug Administration has voted against providing Pfizer booster shots to Americans in a significant blow to US President Joe Biden’s plans to begin administering a third COVID jab next week. A panel of scientific advisers voted overwhelmingly against a plan to administer boosters with just two of the 18-person panel voting in favour of the proposal. While most Americans will not be able to access the vaccine, older Americans over the age of 65 will be eligible for a third jab under the FDA’s emergency use authorisation.

Top Comments:

The Biden administration is so desperate to keep the fear going to distract from being a massive failure

Why would listening to your experts be a blow if you didn’t have an agenda? Of course Australian government will completely ignore this

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