Must See: Baby Formula Has Reached a CRISIS Situation…

Must See: Baby Formula Has Reached a CRISIS Situation...
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GOP War Room – A Las Vegas, Nevada diaper bank said “it’s a crisis situation right now” trying to find baby formula during a segment on KLAS (CBS) (Las Vegas, Nevada) on 5/7/2022.

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For edification here, cars used to have vent windows, Google that. Car is used to have crank up windows. Women used to hold their babies in their arms when their husband drove them around. There was no such thing as a car seat and the ones that they initially had were worthless and dangerous. And if you were to Google the 1950s to see what you could buy for a dollar, you would find out it would be for 5 gallons of gas. Candy bars were nickel and twice as large as they are now. To prevent bottles from being thrown away there was a two cent incentive you got when you took the bottles back. As a kid I would look for bottles that I could return to the grocery store so I could get enough money to buy some candy or an ice cream cone. I do feel sorry for people like you, in a terrible crisis, you would be the first to go.

With the Internet at your disposal, ask Google or some other source what did people do 50, 60, 70 years ago? I am 79 years old, my mother had twins when I was nine, clearly that is 70 years ago, I remember her making baby food and she didn’t have the equipment meaning machinery to do it like today for example blenders and food processors. I remember my mother would wash diapers. Didn’t have a clothes dryer so they hung on the line outdoors like everyone else is did. To start off with people are spoiled and they have no idea how to take care of themselves or their children when it comes to feeding, for very small infants, you came with a certain amount of plumbing that men don’t have. Just remember I read a magazine and saw on the news that a man was picked as woman of the year cause I guess you women can’t really do it yourself you need a man to do it for you. Just kidding, you’re quite capable of doing anything necessary all you need now is an education, a Harvard law degree won’t help you, the Internet will. If you are a single mother, the father is not around, he’s not providing child support, think if that could’ve been different. Demand that men were a condom, take birth control pills. I’m tired of paying for you.

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