Must See: Another Don Lemon Meltdown Moment…

Must See: Another Don Lemon Meltdown Moment...
Image from video below...

Trending Politics – Don Lemon melts down; Equates ALL Trump supporters to violent rioters on January 6th

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We know who really causes problems, and it sure isn’t President Trump or REAL PATRIOTS.

And this… Epstein Island Don Lemon 🍋??? Like his opinion holds rank???

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Rodger Shull

I could really care less, if don lemon had a melt down every odd hour of the day, It would best if he melted into a gooy pile of S&&T and drained out the gutter.That would be much better.


Don, I don’t ever want to hear YOU again. Your constant spin and lies to play to your specific agenda doesn’t work with 3/4 of this country. The ONLY ones it WILL work with are the ones who were so easy to brainwash, they are still sheep following the herd and refusing to think for themselves. Those are YOUR people, cause that’s what YOU do. Simply follow the orders you’re given and do what you’re told. The rest have brains they USE, they THINK, they REASON and they know BS when they hear it and see it. YOU fit that bill!