Must See: Airline CEO Comes Out Against Biden’s Mandate…

Must See: Airline CEO Comes Out Against Biden's Mandate...
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– Kyle Becker from Trending Politics reports, Southwest CEO Gary Kelly had a major announcement on Tuesday about the jab mandate the airline recently issued: His company won’t be enforcing it.

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He’s not brave, he was forced to, he was more than happy to enforce mandates until he lost his employees

This stupid woke CEO finally came to his senses after his SW airlines employees walkout for FREEDOM.

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charles A wilkins

The war with the oval office and biden widens,biden has fxxed up everything he has touch since being if office, now we have great inflation,leading into a recession, biden policies are archaic, as he is dolt, his policies are as he is, not in tune with the times, or advantage to the American people like I sa said before a million times over fake election, fake president, joe biden and company, hold your nose the bidens are around, name one thing you done right since being in office? joe there is a difference for being an actor and a liar, you fxxxed up on both sides of that coin, this is sick, hope that Taliban aid will be coming from the bidens art sales, said yesterday White House looking to hire “stage hands”, should have said stage hands “actors” what a clown act, these democrats are so fxxxed up, when the hammer falls, jail will not be enough, they should be forced to return all income received both legal and illegal. Now joe, who lies about everything, we find out shared bank accounts with Hunter, you know the one he never discussed business with or Hunters friends with taken photos, who are now in jail. Biden suffers from total obfuscation, obscuring the perception of all his lies, the concept of concealing the meaning of a communication by making it more confusing and harder to interpret. Professional liar as most of his appointed cabinet members, Mayorkas, Once Again, Defies the Law and Gives Employers the Green Light to Hire Illegal Aliens, this man lied to Congress several times,has not honored his oath to protect and serve, broken several immigration laws, and has decided to write his own laws without Congress. Where is the FBI or Congress?