Must See: ABC Slammed for Using Taxpayer’s Money…

Must See: ABC Slammed for Using Taxpayer's Money...
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Sky News Australia – Sky News host Chris Smith says the ABC can’t complain about not receiving adequate funding when they throw “ridiculous sums of taxpayers’ money” to defend staff members who make public comments outside of work. “We know that they threw $780,000 of your money, to defend its defamation case against former Attorney-General Christian Porter,” Mr Smith said. “But when a reporter uses his or her personal social media account to offer cutting public commentary about an MP, isn’t that staff member on their own, if legal action ensues?” Mr Smith was referring to the ongoing defamation case actioned by Liberal MP Andrew Laming against the ABC’s Louise Milligan. “I know here at Sky News, anything I said on Twitter, which attracted legal action, would see me on my Pat Malone. “You can’t keep screaming about not receiving adequate funding, when you throw ridiculous sums of money, to defend staff members who make comments outside of work – especially not, at the taxpayer’s expense.”

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How is this legal? Taxpayers paying for defending personal tweets?

The fact the media gets tax funding should tell you all you need to know…

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