Must See: 100 With Rare Nerve Disorder After Vaccine…

Must See: 100 With Rare Nerve Disorder After Vaccine...
Image from video below...

Fox News – Dr. Marc Siegel says Guillain-Barre is oftentimes a temporary auto-immune condition that can also occur after contracting COVID-19

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The people who take the jab are slowly changing and it’s not for the better.

Anyone willing to trust the words of corrupt politicians is a fool.

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Alfred Bouchard

I love the way they continuously pan the J&J vaccine (a one dose shot) and Astra-Zeneca’s (European), but barely report the downsides of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines (2-shot), even with the problems reported from them, esp. Pfizer’s. There have been reports of vaccinated people coming down with the virus, but no mention of which vaccines here in the US. And now Pfizer’s pushing for booster shots, even though the J&J shot appears to be more effective after 8 months as well as against the “delta” variant. This is sounding like a money grab the longer it goes on (I’m sure two or three doses is more costly than one). Don’t forget, our government is paying for these (I’ve never seen how much these companies are getting per shot from the government). Also, they’ve never addressed the longevity of immunity from surviving this virus with your own antibodies after being infected. They don’t want to investigate this? Again, if you gain immunity, there’s no money from vaccines.
And I should add that I did get vaccinated (J&J’s) once there was a promise to drop these mask mandates and other silly directives in our state (MA). I worked for nearly 25 years for a company that wouldn’t allow me or anyone else with facial hair to wear a mask nor perform jobs that required masks because my facial hair would compromise the performance of a mask. Interesting, eh?