More Details on Biden’s Betrayal of America…

More Details on Biden's Betrayal of America...
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Newsmax TVNewsmax TV – Chris Salcedo says ‘it’s time to sound the alarm’ on Biden’s sellout of America, his ‘selfish’ celebration of the relief bill, the RINOs that continue to defend the Progressive in Chief and more – via Newsmax TV’s ‘The Chris Salcedo Show.’

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The corrupt Dems overpromised and underdelivered, but President Trump has always been a man of his word.

Americans betrayed America by putting this guy in office whether it was legitimate or not

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Robert Richey

Biden has no idea what the commie socialists are doing to America in his name. Who really believes Joe is making any decisions and coming up with policies that will be affecting America for years? Even in his right mind, he didn’t do anything constructive for America in nearly 50 years living off the taxpayers.