Mitch McConnell’s Brutal Message for Joe Biden

Mitch McConnell's Brutal Message for Joe Biden

The Next News Network – Martin Walsh from Trending Politics reports, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell did not mince his words this week when discussing Joe Biden’s handling of the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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Mitch McConnell should have done his job in the first place and they wouldn’t be here

Every morning, Biden wakes up; and meets his wife for the first time.

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Elaine Rogers

WOW! Everything’s upside down with the Democrats. This country’s in real trouble with them in The White House.

Elaine Rogers

The Democrats don’t care about people or they would do something about our homeless citizens. Each illegal alien
Allowed to cross our borders only means one more illegal
Vote for them.

charles wilkins

Biden Falls Down Multiple Times Trying to Go Up the Stairs to Air Force One, Help I’ve fallen down and can’t get up! Pelosi, we all know Trump pushed him. Our Country deserves better, now the whole world knows we have someone in office who is not in control of his actions words or deeds. Ask Putin, I’m to busy to debate you, have to play video games at camp David.. Iran knows there is a leadership issue, North Korea knows it and so does China now. It’s one thing to trip over you own two feet it’s another thing holding on to two rails saying it was the wind!!!