Mike Pompeo: A Critical Warning Every American Must Hear…

Mike Pompeo: A Critical Warning Every American Must Hear...
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The Next News Network – The Political Insider reports, Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke out on Sunday to say that when he hears Joe Biden’s administration talk about “taking America back,” he believes they are talking about back to when “America was weak” during Barack Obama’s time in office.

Top Comments:

Of course they “like” us under Biden, as they did under Obama. They bleed us dry. We send ridiculous amounts of money to these countries while ignoring the people in need here in the United States. Who gives a rip if Macron, Trudeau or the rest of those liberal leaders like us. They feared and respected Trump because he was strong and didn’t belong to their good ole boys, global elite club. He treated them like the puppets that they are.

The whole world is laughing at the United States of America

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