Media reaction to CDC guidance demonstrates global ‘madness’

Media reaction to CDC guidance demonstrates global 'madness'
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Fox News
– Author Douglas Murray comments on the media’s panic over new CDC quarantine guidance.

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I quit listening to the CDC and public health “experts” when they said nurses could just wear bandanas when they run out of real masks. That was in March 2020. I’m an RN, btw.

The midterms are coming up if you’re wondering why they’re backing off.

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Talking about omicron like it’s a fact. Or delta for that matter. As far as I’m aware they’ve never been able to actually isolate any of these Corona viruses. The CDC now acknowledges that the test was bogus. It can’t differentiate between the Rona and the flu. That’s probably because the Rona IS the flu. It’s just another variant of flu. Just seized upon as convenient for the basis of a manufactured crisis. And with a crisis, emergency powers can be seized. And with emergency powers, elections can be stolen.