Maximum Cringe: Kamala Descends into Blatant Self-Parody…

Maximum Cringe: Kamala Descends into Blatant Self-Parody...
Image From Video Below...

Breitbart News
– Vice President Kamala Harris’s attempt at hyping up kids for “exploring the unknown.”

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Meanwhile the border is in crisis but clearly this is more important

This is exactly why I think it should be mandated for Congress to have drug testing…..Because I need to know

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Ron Dixon

The best way for her to explore the unknown would have been to point the telescope towards the Texas border and try to explain to us what she is going to do as the Czar to correct the nightmare that affects all U.S. CITIZENS. It would be a real eye opener for her… she really seems like she has trouble not only talking to adults but even staged kids… she truly qualifies as a space case !