Man Accused of Setting Fire to Police Station Meets His Fate…

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– Jeffrey Cawood from The Daily Wire reports, A man accused of firebombing the entrance of an LAPD station early Sunday morning has been arrested by police officers who apprehended the suspect after a brief foot chase.

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Los Angeles district attorney George Gascon will release him, I wouldn’t doubt if he is out already…

The DA will prosecute the suspect only because of targeting the police. If it were a privately owned business they’d say he was protesting peacefully.


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Adrian Vance

What pathetic reporting! Can’t you guys do better than this? Your
headline suggests the man has been tried and sentenced severely,
but you imply the nitwit DA of LA is going to release him? And, you
do not even define that evil man! Pardon me, but you fumbled what
should have been a great piece.