Look Who’s Funding Biden’s Insane Tax Plan…

Look Who's Funding Biden's Insane Tax Plan...

The Next News Network – Mike Lachance from American Lookout reports, Remember when Democrats claimed that they were against outside groups and billionaires having too much influence in our politics? That’s all over now that they’re in charge.

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It just keeps getting worse this administration has sold America and its freedoms away .

Someone needs to get rid of this evil, unethical and immoral fool.

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Patricia Couey

Will someone please tell me how we have allowed the corrupt, evil, devil, that is Gorge Soros to remain in this country and to meddle in our politics to the extent that he’s placed a corrupt sexual predator in our Whitehouse. That’s how much of a stranglehold Soros has on our government. He has financed and organized the marxists who are the actual BLM founders. He placed AOC and Omar plus the foul mouthed Detroit muslim, in our congress. He has put D.A.s in L A. and Phidelphia, who are letting the criminals free to prey on us. And yet, he’s still in our country, not in prison where he belongs for sedition and terroism. He has been thrown out of many other countries for the same things hes doing here, so WHY IS THIS TRAITOR STILL ALLOWED to continue to destroy AMERICA?


Because the criminals and the terrorists, THAT HE PUT IN OUR GOVERNMENT through the demonRAT party, are in charge of our government and are on his payroll to do as he demands from them. And, the democrat are glad to do destroy us because they are fellow communist Nazi’s who are there to fundamentally transform our Christian culture into his atheist communist utopia, which will be our nightmare. The credit for this nightmare will go to the evil demonRAT party who has divided us with their hateful race card, because they hate our country and value the 30 pieces of silver that China pays them for our secrets and who own them. We American citizens are about to become their worker ants, or human oxen tethered to the communist plow, just like in China and North Korea, which is how these wicked evil dictators treat their own citizens in their nightmare.


No doubt to make Soros more rich and more powerful at the expense of our citizens, just like he did in Russia, Hungary, etc. This insane communist Nazi made his multi-billions of dollars on destroying countries on our planet. When he destroys the economy it makes him more rich with more billions. America is next on his list to destroy, and this will be the bonanza for him, because our economy used to be the best because of our free enterprise and our American resources. He is the funder and the banker for the communist democrat party mafia and their mobs. They divided us through their race card, class warfare card, the transgender card, so they could use us to destroy ourselves and our country FOR THEM.


Didn’t I just read that the military froze this nazi’s assets? Or was that another country?