Look: Kanye West Wears Creepy White Face Mask in NYC…

Look: Kanye West Wears Creepy White Face Mask in NYC...
Image From Video Below...

– Ye is turning more heads in NYC than normal by covering his entire face with a mask that even he would have to admit is … just beyond the pale.

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Love Kanye, he’s bipolar sure , and that definitely influences his urge to act out and do wild things, but also he’s spoken about how he views life as a game or “not real” so I think he’s just doing what he feels and doesn’t have fear about the millions who don’t get it attacking him online or in media, because he’s been through so much public scrutiny in his career ,he’s immune backlash.

He’s trolling you. Jesus, trust TMZ to have something stupid posted when you cant sleep and have literally nothing else to do. Do you guys – and this goes for all you other people too – really, really care about what Kanye West is wearing? This your purpose in life eh?

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