Look at How Putin Prepares Russians for Nuclear War by Stoking Hatred…

Putin Prepares Russians for Nuclear War by Brainwashing Hatred of the West
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Andrew Bolt – Few people in the West are aware of how close Russia now is to escalating the war in Ukraine into an all-out nuclear conflict with the West.

Top Comments:

It’s hard to accept, but humanity has been on borrowed time for a while now. There have been multiple nuclear accidents, lost or dropped nukes, and there are many thousands of nukes aimed and ready to go at the slightest indication of a preemptive attack. You have various leaders around the world who are literally insane, yet have access to weapons of mass destruction. It has been nothing but luck that there hasn’t been a nuclear strike post Japan. And inevitable to occur again due to the psychology of man. The MAD construct, only works if all players are rational, when irrational then MAD is not a deterrent. In addition, the Russians, for example, are likely to have the current technology to hit first, this will still result in annihilation for Russia, maybe, but they probably fancy their chances due to recent technological advances. People currently starve on the streets, live in rubbish dumps, humanity is at a loss and driven by primal instincts, yet we are armed with capacity to destroy all. We are overdue, on borrowed time, but I won’t live in fear, death comes to us all eventually, one way or another.

The more this goes on, the less i feel like working on my own future. Why would i need to get a master’s degree when politicians incapable of rational decisions are waving nukes at eachother? Why would i waste my childhood preparing for an adulthood that may never happen? Should i just enjoy the time i have left or take a gamble that i may not be incinirated or left to die in a scorched world before the decade ends?

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