Liberals Will Faint: DeBlasio’s Newest Plan for Police…

Liberals Will Faint: DeBlasio's Newest Plan for Police...
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– Emily Zanotti from The daily Wire reports, In a decisive departure from his position last summer, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will deploy additional New York Police Department officers to the city’s tourist centers following a violent incident last week, and the mayor will also approve a $105 million expenditure for a new police precinct after killing the project in a bid to “defund” the NYPD last year.

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Calling deBlasio a patriot is like calling Jeffery Dahmer a vegetarian.

Unless they allow the police to do their job it ain’t gonna matter

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de Blasio is a complete idiot. Less police officers equal higher crime. But liberals do not seem to understand that .Less police tells the criminals to go do your thing. No one will stop you. Also in New york, they have a catch and release policy for criminals. So what if you are caught. Doen ont matter.