Liberal Professor Goes Full Psycho After Student Praises Police…

Liberal Professor Goes Full Psycho After Student Praises Police...

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– Chrissy Clark from The Daily Wire reports, A professor at Cypress College in Southern California berated a student during a Zoom class for calling the police “heroes.” During a communications class, Braden Ellis gave a presentation about “cancel culture” and why it is “so destructive and tearing our country apart.”

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Liberal college professors believe starting a forest fire is the only way to light a cigarette.

The student is far mature with higher EQ and much respectful communication than the professor.

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old man

There has been some form of policing since the beginning of time. It was the militars or citizens hired to enforce the law of the land. For anyone to say it was started in the South as a way to capture run away slaves is just totally stupid. How did this person become a professor when she has an IQ of minus 50 ?