Leaked: Biden’s Shocking Phone Call with the Afghanistan President…

Leaked: Biden's Shocking Phone Call with the Afghanistan President...
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Ben Shapiro – Democrat President Joe Biden pressured Afghan President Ashraf Ghani during their last phone call prior to Afghanistan falling to the Taliban to “project a different picture” about what was happening in the fight against the Taliban. Shapiro breaks down the latest developments.

Top Comments:

Sept. 24th, 2019 Jen Psaki tweeted about Trump call to Ukraine: “It is not just the call transcript. The whistleblower complaint would likely have more details. We need both. And not just the call.” Fast forward to 2021 and Psaki response when asked about the call from Joe Biden was: “Well, I’m not going to get into private, diplomatic conversations or leaked transcripts of phone calls.” (Why??? Because Trump is a Republican and Biden is your party man?)

This is how the Big Guy rolls. He lies and cheats his way through everything.

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