KJP Gets Owned by Reporter When She Blames High Gas Prices on Putin

Doocy OWNS New Press Sec When She Tries to Blame Putin for Gas Prices
Image from video below...

– Fox News reporter Peter Doocy just OWNED the New Press Sec. Karine Jean-Pierre when she tried to blame Putin for insane gas prices. WATCH reporter get Press Sec. to admit she didn’t even watch Biden’s speech

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It’s not an unpresidented time. It’s a time without a functioning president.

She said, “he knows how it feels.” What when was the last time any of them had to worry about paying bills like electricity, gas, water, sewer, groceries, insurance, cell phone bills and fuel for my vehicle. I’m a single father now surviving with my little girl in this screwed up world. This administration doesn’t know how it feels. 😒

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