Kamala Hosts a Disgusting Climate Change Meeting…

Kamala Hosts a Disgusting Climate Change Meeting...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – VP Harris hosting a Climate Meeting.

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She seriously moves her hands like a marionette, puppet and a joke… Let’s Go Brandon!

This administration is like an unprepared freshman high school debate team.

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sam the sham

ok what happened to follow the science?

Can one of you moronic lefties provide us with the prove the your version of climate change exists?

We know you changed the name for “man made global warming” to “climate change” because man made global warming got proven to be a lie, but you still mean man made global warming even though there is nothing to fix.

So what are you planning to spend you trillion of my dollars on?


as awful as it will be there I have days I wish we were 300 years further out and the earth temperature cycle had started turning cold again. just to screw up these silly climate change idiots.

For those of you too low on the IQ scale to know it: the earth is on several temperature cycles. Some of them millions of years long. Real scientists (as compared with your climate change moron scientists) have concluded that these cycles coincide with where the earth is in the universe at any given time. Some parts of the universe are warmer and some colder.

These earth temperature cycles are demonstrated in the high temperatures during Mesozoic times, moderate temperature during Jurassic times, the ice age, and of course our moderate temperatures today.

No cow farts and fossil fuels have nothing to do with it. only fools believe that stuff. In fact the sierra club’s forest management practices have put far more carbon in the air then all the cars in america, but we don’t see them saying: “oh we should have more logging to create some fire breaks to stop these massive forest fires” do we.

That is because they know that their climate change agenda is really just a scam to pull tax money out of Americans.

Ron Dixon

When she talks about how quickly the climate change has happened I can give an exact date this began… January 20th, 2021… the change has affected all US citizens (a disgusted climate regarding all that is happening) and I challenge anyone who thinks that the Biden / Harris ticket has been good for our country to name 1 thing that has been a positive to improve the country that has happened in the first 10 months under this new administration. Every day there seems to be another negative that surfaces but the upside to all of this is that there has been so many negatives during these 10 months that it tends to make voters forget things (lies) that happened only 1-2 months ago. Over the past 2 weeks I spotted several T-shirts with sayings on them but 2 of them were so spot on that I ordered them…. 1) I LOVE MY COUNTRY but I’M ASHAMED OF MY GOVERNMENT and 2) (above a picture of Biden) IF THIS MAN IS THE ANSWER (below his picture) HOW STUPID IS THE QUESTION?
I, like many others, are very worried that if there are not significant changes a year from now when the mid-terms come around and the people have the opportunity to make positive changes on who runs the government in both the houses of the Senate and the House of Representatives we will have only ourselves to blame…. the old saying that actions speak louder than words is never more true than taking the time to really sort through the lies and the promises (many also turn out to be lies) and get out and vote and make your voices heard at school boards, additional proposals that increase your taxes, and something you don’t see very often: Make those who you vote into office accountable for their actions . WE THE PEOPLE deserve this from our officials but right now WE THE PEOPLE ARE PISSED (another shirt I proudly wear).