John Kerry Accidentally Says the Quiet Part Out Loud…

John Kerry Accidentally Says the Quiet Part Out Loud...
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The Next News Network – Kyle Becker from Trending Politics reports, The Biden administration seeks to impose economic debilitating impediments on the United States under the rubric of “green energy” policies. His ‘climate czar’ John Kerry, however, has bad news for those thinking that the United States abiding by the rejoined Paris Accords that push for ‘net zero’ emissions by 2050 will do much to slow temperature increases on the planet.

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Kerry dont give a crap about climate, just filling his pockets with his portion of 1.2 Trillion.

Read the Bible. Its doesn’t say we will be destroyed by climate change.

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Rodger Shull

Kerry is just your common everyday gutter trash thief in a high priced suit and tie, and a TRAITOR 1000%


Climate change is the TRUTH. Mother nature changes the climate regularly. It’s been happening since long before humans were even walking on the planet. The lie comes in from the “Green New Deal” narrative. There is NOTHING verifying the falsehoods they’re telling you.