Joe Biden Calls An Early Lid At The White House While Kamala Harris Takes Over In-Person Meetings

Joe Biden Calls An Early Lid At The White House While Kamala Harris Takes Over In-Person Meetings

Black Conservative Perspective – President Biden took a snow day Thursday as DC received a half-inch dusting — but Vice President Kamala Harris carried on with scheduled in-person events. Biden postponed a trip to Michigan, where he planned to tour a Pfizer COVID vaccine manufacturing facility, and the White House declared an 8 a.m. “lid” for reporters — meaning there would be no in-person events. The president’s trip to Portage, Michigan, was preemptively canceled Wednesday evening before any precipitation fell in Washington. The early White House “lid” meant a 12:30 p.m. briefing with White House press secretary Jen Psaki was conducted by phone.

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Harris takes over a job she could not get on her own. Harris is not qualified to be in any government role.

That cackling witch as the leader of the “free” world??? DISASTER. Never heard anything but giggles and lies since she got to DC.

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Elaine Rogers

People who voted for Biden will live to regret it. Didn’t he learn about Iran? No, not this again!


Everyone knows who the President is and it is not poor old sleepy Joe.


His record in the government, before much of it was expunged, was dismal at best and dangerous at worst. Plaguirizsm and constant lies were not the least of his problems. Hands on women and little girs, swimming naked in front of a captive protection detail were only some of the charges against him. As for Hunter, the apple falls close to the tree. Biden Crime Family is not just the title of a book by Peter Schwietzer.

Gary Snyder

The American people have been had.


Biden is bad enough but at least we know his problem is progressive and soon he will have to leave the stage. Let’s hope it’s before he ‘Executive Orders’ the Republic into bankruptcy. Harris is not only a giggling fool she covers up her political ignorance with her annoying laughter.
Help! Help! Where are our conservative leaders with enough guts to stand up to this tragedy. I’m not just one voice crying out in the wilderness. My name is Legion.