Jesse Watters: Cuomo continues to embarrass himself over COVID statements

Image from Youtube video below

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo slams federal government incompetence while his state suffers; ‘The Five’ reacts.

“The guy literally had a mercy ship in the harbor and field hospitals set up in arenas that didn’t get used. How does he Blane that on trump?!?! This dude is GONE next election!!!” JackG79

“The only way Andrew Cuomo became governor of New York was through his daddy. Because this guy could not run a hot dog stand.” papo ramos

“How can it be that New York was “ambushed from federal incompetence” when Trump gave him a hospital ship and Javits Center hospital to use and Cuomo instead had the China virus patients shipped off to nursing homes?” SZ lava

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Did any state get nearly as much help, support from the Federal government as New York got – and in a very timely manner?? And still Cuomo dropped the ball! And de Blasio is a disaster!