Jan. 6 commission overlooks key evidence…

Jan. 6 commission overlooks key evidence...
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One America News Network – Conservatives are calling out the Jan. 6 commission as it continues to push its agenda driven investigation. 

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most everyone knows Pelosi set up Jan 6th along with FBI informants, antifa, & most likely Milley. Beyond rediculous!! America wants these criminals out of our government!!

Arrest FBI agents on Jan 6 Hoax Day.

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Of course this is just another Witch hunt, Pelosi and her Democratic Party hate Trump group, are going through with this as basically a third Impeachment. Just as with the first 2 this one is going forward based of fake information, speculation and their want and need to pin it on President Trump, just to try to keep him from running again. They are so afraid that when He is re-elected, he will fire all the Partisan Hacks in the DOJ and start investigations as to how the riot started, who were the mysterious people dressed in Black that broke the windows but were never hunted down or charged. That a investigation into the origins of Covid as well as the riot, may bring it back to be coming from their front doors.