It’s Official: Donald Trump Takes Aim at Big Tech…

It's Official: Donald Trump Takes Aim at Big Tech...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network – Kyle Becker from Trending Politics reports, Donald Trump will have his big tech revenge. A new report confirms that Trump plans to start a new social media platform and it will be ready within months.

Top Comments:

I hope president Trump will NOT hire anyone that has even walked on the streets of selicon vally.

I wonder how many million people will join his platform on the first day.

We need you Trump. We need some hope. Love to all of you true American patriots.

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Someone like POTUS Donald J. Trump , needs to take Aim at Big Tech. And he’s the amazing Man that can just Do it. There’s Nobody in the Deplorable Democratic Socialist Party
that has the BRAIN’S or the FORTITUDE to turn thing around.
It will be Nice to have President Trump Bach at the Helm in TRUMP2024.

Tim Thompson

Looking at the Twitter head seems he looks more like Rasputin the famous Russian who helped take down the CZAR and his complete family during the 1917 Russian Revolution. I think the ring in the nose is a really nice touch don’t you agree? Twitter along with FACE BOOK needs to be taken down. Zuckerberg’s donating to the fall of Trump was enough to call him a traitor the America in my humble opinion.