It’s Disrespectful to Ask Why Kamala Cackles and Laughs at Everything?

It's Disrespectful to Ask Why Kamala Cackles and Laughs at Everything?
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Newsmax TV – After Department of Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas reacted to a question about VP Kamala Harris’ disregard and laughter towards matters at the U.S.-Mexico border, former acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan reacts.

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I think her cackling is disrespectful. She acts like she is on drugs. And she is not the VP anyway. The election was stolen and the audits are revealing the truth. Jail time for this administration

Afraid that if she speaks her ignorance will show.

This administration people are useless that’s all. When I see them I feel like I’m watching comedy every single time lol We really need strong leadership. I miss President TrumP

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Look Guys, Drug Prices have Dropped Drastically in America now to Record Low’s Thanks to The Biden Administration and VP Harris ! So stop your Nit Picking , Millions and Millions of Americans are still out of a job and Gas & Food prices are soaring, While Meth , Marijuana , Cocaine , Acid & Crack are at records Low while flowing into the Country at The Southern Border , This is what The Democrats Promised the American people when they were campaigning , along with Citizenship , Free Health Care, Free Student Loans, Food Stamps, Housing , The only thing the Democrats have done wrong is Putting All of us illegal Allies into Many 5 Star Up Scale Hotel’s for Months while they are working on Free Housing for all of us. it’s time for America to Pay . This is why your taxes are going to go up. Gosh , just do the Math . Harris is Cackling 24/7 because she is on CRACK her damn self ! Hello