Is the Housing Market About to Pop?

Is the Housing Market About to Pop?
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Valuetainment Short Clips – In the $O$CAST Adam Sosnick discusses current events, trending topics, and anything related to money. In this short clip, Tiffany Pantozzi, Marko Gojanovic, Nafeesah “Fosh” Terry discuss whether or not the housing bubble is about to pop.

Top Comments:

Realtors are home salesmen. That’s their job. Sell homes. Would they ever say it’s not a good time to buy?

She forgot to finish her first sentence. “…demand goes down, inventories go up”. When demand goes down and supply goes up, price comes down. Doesn’t matter in housing for most people. You sell high and then you buy high. Buy a house when it’s a good time for YOU. Don’t try to time the market out and waste your life away. Buy something you can afford and pay it off in 15-20 years.

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