Is the Biden Family Still Doing Business with China?

Is the Biden Family Still Doing Business with China?

BlazeTV – Rudy Giuliani tells Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that during the FBI raid, he offered Hunter Biden’s hard drives and the FBI didn’t take them. As we pass the first 100 days of a Biden presidency, it’s being reported that Hunter Biden still owns a stake in a Chinese private firm. Didn’t the White House say Hunter will be divesting his ownership back in February 2021? President Biden is on the road, and in Georgia, Biden tells hecklers to give him “five days” to close private detention centers and abolish ICE. Joy Behar has a message for Sen. Tim Scott about the difference between a racist country and systemic racism.

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The FBI has lost my respect, they are now a political tool!!!!

I getting pest enough to put on my combat boots and hit the streets because John Kerry was caught giving classified info to US enemy & they want Rudy ! I’m pissed

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