Is a Federal Vaccine Mandate Coming to the USA?

Is a Federal Vaccine Mandate Coming to the USA?
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BlazeTV – President Joe Biden addressed the nation Thursday and asked states and cities to use federal funds to provide $100 as an incentive to increase vaccinations. Is this a good use of federal funds? Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signs an executive order prohibiting masks mandates and vaccine requirements from government agencies. AG Merrick Garland might take legal action against Texas after Gov. Abbott signs another executive order on the transportation of illegal migrants. British fashion journalist takes to Twitter and suggests that “someone needs to create porn for children.” She deleted the tweet after getting immediate backlash. Why is this even a suggestion? Scarlett Johansson is suing Disney for breach of contract and Disney pulls the COVID-19 excuse.

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The Communist Obiden regime, showing it’s true colors.

The Nuremberg Code should prevent mandates of experimental drugs.

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