Introducing the All-New CAKE GENDER…

Introducing the All-New CAKE GENDER...
Image from video below...

Matt Walsh
– In the mood for a treat? Or feeling extra sweet and warm today? You might be a cake! At least according to one TikTok influencer who enlightens Matt on the concept of “cake gender”.

Top Comments:

Really wish these people would stop ruining good things. Never thought I’d see the day where I cringe whenever I see a rainbow, a unicorn, and now a cake! 🍰

This is really sad but at the beginning when she was describing “cake gender” I’m like oh she’s just describing personality traits and then when Matt said it I got super excited for some reason lol like I solved a puzzle or something first. Then I realized “oh yeah” all these people have a mental illness so it’s not hard to outsmart them lol.

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