Insider Leaks Horrific Conditions Working in Biden’s White House…

Insider Leaks Horrific Conditions Working in Biden's White House...

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– Ryan Saavedra from The Daily Wire reports, A report published claimed that Joe Biden, 78, regularly snaps at his aides in profane outbursts, which comes after he promised on his first day in office to “fire” anyone that he saw disrespecting other members of his administration.

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Anger and frustration are classic symptoms of dementia. And the chronic lying is a classic symptom of liberalism!

It’s not his White House it’s the people’s house. He is a nut.

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Biden was always a nasty man. His conversation was always belligerent and laced with bad language. Now he’s just a crazy old man who can’t control his temper or his mouth. He is no credit to the office and the longer he stays in office the worse he will get.