Hypocrite Biden Bombs Syria as Trump Turning GOP into the PATRIOT PARTY!!!

Hypocrite Biden Bombs Syria as Trump Turning GOP into the PATRIOT PARTY!!!
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Dr. Steve Turley – Sleepy Joe Hypocritically Bombs Syria as Donald Trump Is Turning the GOP into the PATRIOT PARTY! In this video, we’re going to take a look at the latest military intervention in Syria, how Biden’s hypocrisy is being widely mocked as a result, and how President Trump is effectively transforming the Republican Party into a MAGA-centered nationalist-populist Patriot Party! You are NOT going to want to miss this!

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Surprised he isn’t bombing Americans, oh ya that is coming.

Biden’s not the real president, and everyone knows it.

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charles wilkins

This person has a serious medical condition who is over seeing these actions? What world stage problems can result if unchecked? Going to keep asking this question again, where is the tax payor white house doctor opinions and medical results he is ok to serve???

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Robert Richey

Let’s get a few things straight, to begin with. Biden is not giving any orders to anyone about anything. any half-sane person knows Biden is not capable of running a snowball stand. All through the campaign, the media lied telling the public Joe was leading the polls by ??%. These were lies to condition your brain to where no matter how much they had to cheat they could say, we tried to tell you Biden was going to win. Now they are gradually breaking the news that they’ve heard rumors that the capitol will be bombed during Biden’s state of the union speech. They will keep feeding that lie because they know Biden isn’t capable of delivering
“Mary Had A Little Lamb” and at the last minute, the televised SOTU address will be called off and replaced with who knows? Once again the media is conditioning your brain to accept their lies. Hide and watch and see what they will do about Biden’s inability to speak coherently.