Human Smugglers Crash a Little League Game: Parents Horrified…

Human Smugglers Crash a Little League Game: Parents Horrified...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network – Randy Clark from Breitbart reports, On Tuesday evening, a juvenile human smuggler led Zavala County Sheriff’s deputies on a high-speed chase which ultimately ended on a youth softball field in La Pryor, Texas, during a game.

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Now we know this can’t be true because the Biden admin says the border is closed. Lmao

Who do we thank for this nonsense? Most Certainly, Not Trump. He didn’t cause any of this Crazy Nonsense going on Today.

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Biden must take responsibility for any and all crimes, including illegal entry into our country, committed by all these illegals. He is not acting like a president but like a criminal.

mitchell loebel

He IS a criminal … no act!