How Progressive Northern Cities Are Recreating Their Own Variation of the Old Confederacy

How Progressive Northern Cities Are Recreating Their Own Variation of the Old Confederacy
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Dinesh D’Souza – Here I analyze Victor Davis Hanson’s argument that progressives are recreating, in northern cities, the stagnant, hierarchical, race-conscious world of the Old Confederacy.

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Dinesh, you are really good at what you do. You have a great sounding voice. You orate very clearly and precisely. You know your topics superbly. You are an intellectual. You are self-taught, even if you attended a college or university, that doesn’t matter, the only people that learn anything in schools of higher learning are the self-taught. Even after Obama and the Clintons had you falsely arrested and imprisoned, all they did was embolden you and make you even better at what you do. I really enjoy listening to you. And I like the story about the difference between conservatives and liberals being like a skyscraper with a Ladder (Conservatives) or a Rope (Liberals) to ascend the building with. If you choose the Ladder you have to climb and do the work but you can go as high as you want, even all the way to the top. If you choose the Rope and let the Liberals at the top pull you up, then you don’t have to do any work, but you can only go as high as they will lift you. And they only lift you high enough above the ground just barely so that you will not let go of the rope because you don’t want to fall back down to the ground.

Critical thinking at its finest… You are correct. It regularly blows my mind as I watch my fellow Americans that have been brainwashed to now ACTUALLY BELIEVE segregating themselves is black empowerment🤷🏻‍♀️ Of course theyre blissfully unaware this brainwashing has been provided by the same type of people that enslaved and tortured their ancestors.

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