How Parents Are Turning to Homeschool

How Parents Are Turning to Homeschool
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Crossroads with JOSHUA PHILIPP – With schools across the United States turning to remote learning, many parents are looking into homeschool either as an alternative to the public school system or as a supplement. But starting with homeschool can be difficult to navigate, and laws vary by state.

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Finally parents are realising that public schools are disgusting indoctrination camps.

I am a homeschool teacher and tutor for our church. We have 3 year olds that are telling time on real clocks and learning their simple fractions. Also, their pronunciation and vocabulary outshines the other kids their age. Homeschool is the only way to go. For those who think it is expensive to send your child to a tutor, look within religious institutions. Most parents think it lasts all day. It is considerably much less time. Each age has a concentration span…. it’s quite the great experience!! Gratitude for both children and parents. I actually do not charge. I love children and I believe EDUCATION should be free and honest. We do pray and pledge the Allegiance each day… other than that… smooth sailing with games and learning and songs and music and science is everything to these kids.!! Y’all try it!!

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