How Did College Campuses Become So Radical?

Dinesh D’Souza – Governor Scott Walker joins me to discuss how campus culture became so radicalized and what his “long game” is to counter the hegemony of the Left.

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Try starting with your kids, spending several hours each day with sons and daughters, instead of waiting till college. Strong kids make strong adults and they get that strength from their parents and by extension, the friends they make

Scott Walker is right. I have been saying it for years, that the public schools and universities have been indoctrination centers. I’ve seen it in grade school children. I have a niece that went to college for five years. She never got a degree in anything. The only thing she came away with from college is an attitude that the world owes them everything. She told me that healthcare, housing, food, etc.We are paying off her house because she won’t work anymore than 20 hours a week. She only works 20 hours so she can get government assistance. She told me people owe her basic human rights. I don’t want to owe punks like that anything. Very discouraging.


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