How COVID is Making the Migrant Surge Different

How COVID is Making the Migrant Surge Different

Breitbart News – United States Border Patrol Deputy Chief Raul Ortiz spoke with Breitbart Texas Thursday as he completes a tour of the South Texas sectors. Chief Ortiz says COVID-19 makes this surge different from others witnessed throughout his career.

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This isn’t fair to these BP agents. They worked so hard to finally get the border under control and now they are processing clerks.

Definitely different, illegal immigrants can move freely all over the country while Americans are forced to get experimental vaccines to redeem freedom.

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The United States is out of control now, going downhill for decades, but the criminal commie globalists are now running the show and will do whatever it takes to knock Constitutionalists down to change America into a third-world country, better to control the rest of the world. Where it looked like a Revolution might one day ensue, the elite has successfully divided the country so there will be a Civil War first. What is happening at the border is further destructive towards American citizens and the economy. Time is running out for everyone, so we are coming to the apex where we will see a collapse not just our economy but depression throughout the world. Trump had his chance and blew it; should have listened to Gen. Flynn and call in the military to confiscate Dominion computers and software and prove on national TV that the presidential elections were stolen. This was worse than 9/11 except for the lives lost then, in my opinion.
This may seem an aside: Zecharia Sitchin pointed out the first Holocaust was Sodom & Gomorrah about 2024 B.C., and our planet’s cycle followed what happened in the heavens. That may mean our planet’s cycle could possibly end in three years and it surely looks that we are headed there, maybe Earth will flip at that date which spells doom for most of the world.


Too pessimistic. Our freedom is a powerful weapon. And the 2nd A was put in place to protect us from a tyrannical government … we are armed! Teddy Roosevelt : speak softly and carry a big stick!

China … how many of its people support the Chinese government?

President Trump didn’t blow it … he showed our people (and the world) what American freedom is compared with Biden’s dictatorship.

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