How CNN Masterfully Gaslights the Public…

How CNN Masterfully Gaslights the Public...
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BlazeTV – In a woke world where the mainstream media and the Democrat party are virtually indistinguishable, CNN is further contorting itself to push their ideological agenda: a narrative where all criminals are victims, where police officers are all racist bigots, and where “privileged” white people can’t be bothered to help right the nation’s woes. And Chief Gaslighter-In-Charge Chris Cuomo is more interested in manipulating and pushing divisive media fires than reporting the ACTUAL news. CNN loves to distort the perception of reality. In the end, Cuomo and his pals have no real solutions to our nation’s problems because riots and civil unrest make for good ratings.

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would like to ask Fredo Cuomo if him & his brother know the names of all the seniors who died because of Big brothers decision🤔 Were those 2 raised to be such cold,heartless human beings??

“The liberals of this country are giving aid and comfort to the Marxists in this country.” Mark, please tell us something we don’t already know. This IS the agenda of the left. Thanks for being a voice of reason, we need a lot more of brave people like you.

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