House Democrat Gets Embarrassed Over Gun Control Virtue Signaling…

House Democrat HUMILIATED For Gun Control Virtue Signaling
Image from video below...

The Jimmy Dore Show
– When New York Democratic Congressman Jerrold Nadler expressed support for increasing the minimum age for purchasing assault weapons from 18 to 21 because, as he noted, an 18-year-old’s brain is not yet fully developed, his Republican colleague from Kentucky, Thomas Massie, offered a rejoinder that left Nadler flummoxed and forced to admit that we have no compunction about drafting 18-year-olds to be sent off to kill and die in foreign wars.

Top Comments:

“The Selective Service needs….” the word Nadler was looking for after this is cannon fodder

He is admitting that our kids are just canon fodder for the military industrial complex.

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