Hilarious Commentary: Joe Biden’s Epic Speech To America

Hilarious Commentary: Joe Biden's Epic Speech To America

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– Hilarious Commentary: Joe Biden’s Epic Speech To America

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It sounded like Joe Biden was threatening America with lock downs. Dictator’s threaten people.

Just like OBAMORON, talking down to us like we’re children.

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HE needs to be removed from office before he flips over his sick brainless head. He’s a very sick man and I am calling for his removal.

Tim Thompson

Be careful that communist HO Harris won’t be an improvement quiet the opposite, she is personally hand picked by Soros and the people who brought you Obama, the left loved him he is the person who brought race relations to the worst possible end blacks hating whites. The complete takeover by Communist Democrats by the Covid-19 crisis’s brought to you by the Blue State governors who shut down their states with tyrannical edicts to ruin peoples lives with orders to stay home do not attend any sports events or movies or even dinning virtually killing Americans lifestyle. Now 12 months later they still will not let up on their orders allowing certain things to open with only 25% capacity. Insane with the consequences government employee’s did not feel, only the private sector. American’s are about fed up with all of this and as the NETWORK movie so aptly state we are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore. Democrats have blown it they are out of the closet and are not even trying to hide their communistic efforts to shut America down.