Here’s The Reason Joe Biden Used a Fake White House Set…

Here’s The Reason Joe Biden Used a Fake White House Set...
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– Mike LaChance from American Lookout reports, Have you noticed that lately, Joe Biden is making appearances at a set that looks like the White House, rather than at the actual White House? It’s causing a lot of speculation. Why doesn’t Joe just use the real White House? One explanation has been offered.

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Trump never conceded therefore only Trump can occupy the White House at this time.

Imagine the outrage if Trump did this.

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Connie Paglen

Using a fake White House set to match his title is the first honest thing he’s done.

charles A wilkins

Fake president, fake white house, fake election, it’s all coming together, Get ready to chop the fromt door down to stay warm this winter, Joe Biden’s energy policy, we hate Trump, won’t keep you warm, more shortages, more inflation, more taxes, more illegal aliens, higher gas and gasoline prices, If you were hoping to ‘heat your home’ this winter without going broke, Joe Biden has terrible news for you. Thanks to Biden’s horrible energy policies, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) warned that heating costs could skyrocket by more than 50%. “We expect that households across the United States will spend more on energy this winter compared with the past several winters because of these higher energy prices and because we assume a slightly colder winter than last year in much of the United States,” read a report from the EIA. The EIA failed to admit that those “past several winters” where energy prices were lower fall under Donald Trump’s time in office. And the news gets worse. Not only will energy to heat your homes be more expensive, but energy costs across the board will continue to soar, according to the EIA. The current energy crisis is tied back to Biden undercutting America’s energy independence right after taking office Biden Admin Alerts Americans: You’re Going to Be Paying 54% More If You Want Heat This Winter. The Western Journal