Here are the RINOs who Just Voted Against Your Gun Rights

The Next News Network – Cristina Laila from The Gateway Pundit reports, The Democrat-led House on Thursday passed a gun control bill to expand background checks with a vote of 227-203.

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Meanwhile these RINOS live with or walk around armed security. Clean house, the less RINOs the better we are

From what I see Maria Salazar has upset her constituency. She isn’t the worst, but she has proven she isn’t the best, so she must go.


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charles wilkins

Off topic maybe! Plagiarism Joe, back at again stealing ideas from past Presidents, Why is it this guy never has any original thoughts of his own? Only what others have put forth in word or deed. How can this be good for our Country? What’s left of his mind lives in the past, which a good percentage was also plagiarize, now dementia has taken over what’s left. Where are the certified tax payor white house medical report that says this guy is ok to serve as an American President? Looking over his long list of executive orders reflects someone who is a pawn in a chess game that he does not have the wit to play. Time joe to face the press, without any ear plugs, teleprompter, telling you what to say or white house staff to whisk you off to play video games.

warren mcadams

democrats led by three headed snake, biden, pelosi,shumer.