Have You Seen This? Geraldo Loses it On Live TV

Have You Seen This? Geraldo Loses it On Live TV

The Next News Network – Jim Hoft from The Gateway Pundit reports, This was quite the segment on Hannity. On Wednesday night Sean Hannity invited both Dan Bongino and Geraldo on to continue their discussion on the police shooting of Daunte Wright.

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Geraldo never was a credible journalist. Bongino has more patriotism in his little finger than this spineless hack!! Bongino is Boss!!!

I’m mexican and even here we know Donald Trump won the election

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Geraldo says he’s a conservative. but is full of shit. He hated Trump and talks the talk ,but doesn’t walk the walk. Dan Bongino ate his lunch ,and all Geraldo does is talk about the poor black mothers. Notice they never say anything about the FATHERS? Simply because they knock up the girlfriend or supposed wives then hit the BARS. Look how many NFL players are raised by single MOMS.SAD to say the least. Maybe if they had a nuclear family they wouldn’t be selling drugs and working for the Latin Kings or MS 13 and 1/2

charles wilkins

Can’t remember over the years Geraldo being right about one thing. from his I’m in the thick of the battle, you know the one going on 50 miles from here, to Big Al’s safe, what a loser, Trump and I are best friends till it’s time not to be, so says the Porto Rican Judas.

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