Harry Reid’s Surprising Reaction to Biden’s Court Packing Plans

Harry Reid's Surprising Reaction to Biden's Court Packing Plans

The Next News Network – Ryan Saavedra from The Daily Wire reports, Former Democrat Senator Harry Reid (NV) warned during a CNN interview on Saturday that Democrats need to be very careful when it comes to trying to alter the Supreme Court, including proposals to pack the court with leftist judges or trying to subject the justices to term limits.

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Reid learned that what goes around comes around. Demented Joe doesn’t learn from mistakes, even after 50 years.

Didn’t he say Biden during debates that he would not pack the Supreme Court Trump nailed him on it and he swore no no no

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Ken Frazier

I do not, I repeat, I do Not believe in packing the court. However, being a patriot, I do believe that those that do and have turned their back on Truth, Justice and the American way should PACK their bags and leave our country.